working hard

i just did a double take when i saw the date of my last blog entry! i have been working hard these last few weeks. i mean, i always work hard...but lately i have been really busy. mostly with a huge proposal i was workng on. i will spill more about that if i get it:)

i also had a chance to go to the washington design center to see keith granet speak about his new book

i had never even heard his name before, but i quickly learned that granet runs a huge design management firm. basically, he advises designers on how to be just as efficient with the business side of their firm, as with the design side.

this really hit home with me. designing comes very easy to me, but the business side is a bit trickier. i dont have the luxury of hiring someone to help me with that (yet!). it justs take more time (and smoke coming out of my ears) for these wheels to run smoothly. however, i am learning that all it takes is time and practice and a good cheering section (thanks kev:)).

granet is also the co-founder of the design leadership summit. where a group of elite industry leaders meet to discuss...what! at the last summit, all of the leaders broke into small discussion groups to talk about what is concerning them in the industry today. each group came back saying the same thing, that the design industry, as a whole, is under valued...that the perception is skewed. this may make some people roll their eyes...but i personally find it to be true. a lot of times i find myself defending my job.  people think it is just a hobby...but for me it is real.

all of this reminded me of a post one of my favorite blogger/designers, lauren leiss of pure style home, wrote a while ago  behind the scenes. she does a great job explaining (without complaining) all of the work that goes into interior design. so if you have some is very informative.

well...i cant leave this post without some interesting photos! so i will show you pictures i took with  my phone on a recent trip to georgetown (in between working hard!).

i am loving this pendant....

i had to take a photo of this...i think i might need to make one!

i am dying to use this light in a project.....

i took this photo to show kevin his next project...i would love a longer version of this shelf in our family room....

a beautiful antique shelf

a trip to georgetown wouldnt have been complete without a visit to georgetown cupcake....and they were filming a special! i may just get my 15 minutes of fame yet!

and thanks to my good friend janice for taking this to prove i really was there:)

i promised myself i would get two blog entries out this is the first. stay tuned for the second....


time flies

where does the time go?  when i started blogging (way back in may), my goal was to do 4 entries a week...ha! now i try to do at least 2...but lately it has been hard to get 1 done.

my mom came to help with the kids last week so i could get some work done. she always asks if there are any projects she can help with. ummm...yes please! she can sew up a storm (unlike me). so while she was here i had her hem eight panels out of burlap for our living/room dining room i just need to add the pretty stencil pattern.

and she made this cute little pillow....

and this cushion for our new deck bench....


and hemmed these ikea panels...

these panels are on the stair landing. we are painting this area as we speak.  i will post a better picture of the whole landing when the painting is done. it is all part of our two story foyer. we have put off  painting this area for two years b/c we knew it would be a big job. oh, and mostly because i do all of the painting and i wasn't about to to this......

seriously! i had to go in another room at some points because the whole thing was making me a nervous wreck. i do not like heights! (oh, and i hope to one day change that pendant....but for now it has to stay.)

so that is what has been going on around here....along with finishing up a laundry room re-do, new window treatments for ava's room, finishing tiling a bathroom...the list goes on. i have also been working on some fun client projects and a proposal for a possible new one.(i will post pics on these later) its been a busy couple of weeks! the kids finally start school on tuesday.....first grade!!

thanks for all of your help mom! i am already working on a new list:)