kitchen love

i say this a lot: "in our next house".....any number of things can follow. one thing i keep mentioning is white cabinets for our kitchen! we have dark cherry cabinets now...which i love, but a girl can dream right? when i was saying it again over the weekend, it reminded me of a photo that i have had saved for a while. it is a kitchen by peter dunham from house beautiful

honestly, i love everything about this kitchen....the cabinets, the rug, love the chairs! and of course the glass bottle....i really have a thing for those...more on that in another post.  when i pulled up the image again it made me want to see more of the house. i found these and it is beautiful inside and out!  enjoy!

i could move right in! and here is one more design of his i just had to throw in....

i love his style....its traditional and eclectic all wrapped into one!


the big, bad(a**), built-in

when we bought our new house almost two years ago...much to my dismay we didnt get the fireplace option! we wanted it on a certain wall between two windows....but a new "code" stated that it wasnt ok there b/c of wind?!?! huh? thats what the builder told us...or thats what my husband told me!  so, i immediately decided that i wanted a built-in on the other big empty wall.  i turned to my resident DIY expert to build it.   i love how it turned i thought i would share it....through the stages....with lots of pictures.....i like to use the dot dot dot......

here is the room when we first moved in (yikes!)

here is kevin in his favorite spot, working on the base for the sides

here they are placed in the the paint job?

now it was time to make the middle cabinet for the base

and here it is in the room....with primer and a lot of wires!

next came the shelves for the top of the sides

and here i am (the ever faithful assistant) holding up the "bridge" and the doors are on

and here is the final is big and i love it!

 and another view...

that is the first of many house projects i plan to show you! there is always something going on around here. the other day my son asked "when daddy is done with that crown molding...then will the house be done?" of course the answer was no:)  there is a huge learning curve with this blog i hope you will stay with me while i figure it all out. first up....some better photography!


to blog or not to blog....

this is the question i have been asking myself for about 6 months!!  i have been reading obsessing over tons of design blogs for about a year and a half now. from the beginning i thought "i can do this"...then "no i cant"...then "yes i can" and that is what i am sticking with....YES I CAN!!  i am excited to have a place to talk about my client projects and all of the projects we are constantly working on around our house.  hopefully you will enjoy seeing them! for now here is a sneak peek at a room i am working on for a clients tween daughter....

thanks for stopping by...i think this is the start of something good!