i love thanksgiving...its like the calm before the storm.....

my favorite part is that i never have to in-laws do it all:)  i get to sit back and be thankful for this....

relax and enjoy your turkey day! take a moment to be thankful for all you have and then stuff yourself silly! (all images above are from pinterest)


business boost

this is where i was this past weekend....standing in front of this table...promoting my business!

i had the opportunity to participate in an event at a local nursery. a great time was had by all and i met some really nice people. this event was a way for me to get my name out there locally. we used to live in another suburb of DC and that is where most of my clients are (over 45 min away) so i spend a lot of time in my car.

this was also just the push i needed to get some good photos and a portfolio together. its still not perfect, but a lot better than what i had before...nothing! i am the worst at taking photos of my work.

i was very happy with the way my table turned out, thanks to many suggestions from family and friends. it was kevins genius idea to stencil my name across the front...there was no question about who i was or what i was there to talk about! do you recognize that stencil? its the same one i used on my window treatments in a lighter gray version. i loved it so much i decided to use it again.

i love to meet new people and i love to this was my kind of marketing. i am really hoping to get the opportunity to work with some of the people i met!


DIY panels

remember the burlap panels my mom sewed way back in august? well i finally got around to stenciling some of them and i am so happy with the way they turned out! i have painted freehand on burlap in the past...but i have never used a stencil. it was pretty easy...just a lot of measuring on the first one. once i got going it only took me about and hour to do each one.

here they are hanging in our dining room. of course when i look at this just reminds me of how badly i want to get new chairs. (and that my topiary  might not make it through the winter:))

i had to add this one of my faithful assistant....always ready for a beauty shot:)

now i just need to make time to finish the other ones....