oh are you? my name is jodie okun and i am an interior designer with a blog. i am hoping that by re-introducing myself, it will remind me that i am supposed to do blog posts when i have a blog. lets have another shot at it...shall we?

i wanted to show you some designs for a client that i have been working with this summer. it has been a fun project and she is so nice and great to work with. she is super busy with her some of our work has been via the world wide web.  i thought i would show the plans i came up with for her family room and master bedroom. we are working out all of the details...but the big pieces have been ordered.

here is the family room plan...

here are the fabrics and rug...this was an instagram photo i showed in the last post

they have a beautiful stone, floor to ceiling fireplace in the room. (you will see in the "after" pictures when it is done) all of these fabrics really bring out all of the natural colors in the stone.

here is the plan for the master bedroom...

here is a picture of the fabrics...

the bedroom walls are already painted a pretty gray blue....and there is a fireplace in there as well.  it is going to be so cozy!

so there you have it! i just wanted to show you that i really am doing something...just not blogging very often.  hopefully that will change in the near future:)