14 years ago today i married this adorable boy (he seriously looks so young in this picture!) i am pretty sure he is gonna kill me for posting it....but i have always looooved this from the night we got married.


our wedding was in a beautiful inn on the delaware river in lumberville, pa. we both grew up in bucks county, pa and knew we wanted to get married somewhere on the river. we had the ceremony and a cocktail/hors d'oeurves reception all in the wine cellar. it was small and intimate and wonderful. kevin was downstairs greeting guests while i was upstairs getting ready about looking young...oh my! and drinking white wine? i am a beer girl through and through...maybe i was trying to be sophisticated on my wedding day. we got married at 7 it was perfectly normal to be drinking before we said our vows?!

here is a photo of the flowers...we collected all different copper teapots at flea markets and junk shops for the tables

you can get the feel of the room was so cozy

we said our vows in front of this door

it really is hard to believe that 14 years have passed...many moves (including one overseas), two babies at once and about 65,000 DIY projects later here we are!

i wouldnt want to be doing this little thing called life with anyone else:) happy anniversary kevin!


goosebumbs (4)

i love when i find a new (to me) designer. last week while i was making the rounds on all of my favorite blogs i stumbled upon tammy connor. oh my this woman is talented! i knew i had to include her in my goosebumps series. i spent time looking through her entire portfolio. i was so happy to see she had done a house in bucks county, pennsylvania...i grew up there! her style is beautiful and refined....but also very livable. here are a few of my favorites from her gallery.

if you have a moment go and look at tammy connors will be glad you did!


its the little things

i finally got around to painting our bedroom a couple of weeks ago and i love it. we have been living with white walls for over 2 years...yikes! it is yet another shade of gray for our house, but this time with some serious blue undertones. this is a total departure for me because i usually lean towards more green/grays. so this past weekend i was able to pull it somewhat back togehther,  and everytime i look at this little corner it makes me so happy!

this is a seriously fuzzy picture...bad light in there in the morning. anyhoo...those window treatments (from ikea) were in the hall by the stairs, but once i painted i knew they had to come in the bedroom. you can also see a sneak peek of the bookcase/shoeshelf my husband built. more on that to needs its own post!

there is still more to do in our bedroom. when it is finished (enough for photos) i will be sure to share. but for now this will have to do.

happy thursday!


demolition day

i think i mentioned a big proposal i was working on late last summer? well i got it...yay me:) this job is a little different for me because it is for a "party room" in a high rise condominium building. i mostly work with residential clients, so this is a fun departure. we started demo on monday and i thought it would be fun to take you through the process.

the demo part really only involves the kitchen in the room. the rest is basically paint and lots of pretty new furniture and accessories. i have before photos....hold onto your had because this kitchen is a doozie. the good news can only go up from here!

and here is what it looked like as of yesterday...

unfortunately the big pillar in the middle has to stay...but the mirrors had to go! we are off to a good start, but there is still a lot to be done. i stopped by this morning to check on the tile installation. i choose 18" x 18" tile for a more modern feel and i think i am going to love it when it is done!

i am looking forward to sharing the progress of this project with you. so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks..ahem...months.