sneak peek: client living room

i know i am supposed to wait to take better photos...but i dont want to! this is a living room/dining room i worked on for my very sweet client. i met her when i worked for french country living years ago. she and her husband loved all things french then and they still do! this time around they wanted to give their space a little face lift. they had some beautiful pieces...but we just wanted to update it. i suggested going with a more neutral palette...which was a bit of a stretch for them...they love color. i am glad they agreed because we are all thrilled with the outcome!

we are still on the hunt for a few key accessories and waiting for the dining table. i took these photos with the lights on (oh no!) and did not properly style it for a photo. excuses, excuses! here is a little before and after. i will take more when everything is truly finished!

we lightened up the walls, added molding to the existing crown and doorway, re-arranged the furniture, bought some new upholstery, a new rug, new window treatments and a bunch of accessories and pillows. i loved working with these clients because they also like to hunt for antiques and artwork on their own. they have wonderful taste and i love the personal touch it gives to their home.

i hope your having a great summer!


exciting news

ahhh...summertime. i love summer and lazy afternoons by the pool...oh wait...i dont get to do that anymore! i thoroughly enjoyed my summers when the kids were really young and the main event was napping:) those days are long gone though... i am busier with work than ever and the kids are enjoying the pool while at camp.

one exciting reason for my busy summer is that i recently started doing design work for a wonderful local store ...the nest egg, it has been one of my go to resources for clients over the past few years. so, when the opportunity presented itself for us to partner up...i jumped at the chance! the owners ann and sean are so helpful and friendly and so is everyone who works there. i absolutely love all of the vendors they carry
and ann has an amazing eye when buying for the store.

the best part is that i am still able to keep my own business and my own clients (who i love)! so working with the nest egg and their clients is icing on my cake:) i have already met with some amazing people and we have some great projects in the works! if i am a good little blogger (ahem) i will share them with you. if you are local in the DC sure to stop by and visit the nest will be happy you did!