towel bar talk

i had some extra time on my hands thanks to hurricane sandy. time to think about towel bars...and the alternative to them. i am not a big fan of the standard towel bars you see everywhere. (below is an example of one via pinterest)

 they look good when the towels are neatly folded on them...but how often does that happen? i always found myself  having "show towels" for these towel bars and the towels we used everyday were hanging everywhere else in the bathroom...over doors...on the name it. so when we bought our house...i took all of our towel bars down and used other things.

in our powder room the hand towels hang on an old antique ladder thing (i really dont know what it is...but its the first thing my husband bought me when we were dating...i am sure he doesnt even remember) whatever it serves its purpose for towel hanging!

here you can see where is sits in the room...

in our master bathroom, kevin made this plaque and i added the hooks. these hooks are not big enough though...and honestly the towels don't dry very fast:(

so when it came to the guest/kids bath we used bigger hooks and spread them farther apart and they work very well.

while we are looking at this guest bath...let me show you a very cool piece that kevin built. i think i have mentioned before that my husband travels a lot? well... for the past 7 years or so he has been collecting all of the goodies from the cool hotels he stays in. unfortunately until about 6 months ago...when he finally found time to build something for them...they were all piled in the linen closet. this is what he came up with...super clever as usual.

cute huh? ok...back to towel bars. i dont really have a lot more to say....other than ...when you arent loving your towel bars...take them down:) here are a few other examples of what to do with your towels...


goosebumps (6)

yes...the goosebumps series continues! if you are not familiar with this series, you can read about it here.

i know i have said this about suzanne kasler before....and i will say it again...i love her designs. the latest one that i am loving is an open air home she decorated in kenya. this mini compound was featured in the october (i think) issue of house beautiful. it gives a whole new meaning to bringing the outside is basically all open and so well designed. this home is a wonderful example of how to decorate while considering your surroundings. suzanne uses the perfect color palette and furnishings to blend in with the outside...without getting theme-y (like using all things african!)

 i liked it so much i thought i would share...for those of  you who missed it. enjoy!!

that bathroom is so pretty...and the shower...forget about it!