holiday decorating in northern virginia-part II

i think this is a record for me...three posts in a week! i just wanted to make sure i got all of my holiday posts in before the holidays. i know for me, once they are over i am done with looking at decorations!

i thought i would show you another home that i decorated for christmas. i am so fortunate to have such wonderful clients! this is the second year i have spread holiday cheer for this client and i had just as much fun. of course i was fed well...with the most delicious soup!

lets start in the foyer....

here is her pretty living room....i  love using fresh greenery.

the dining room...

here is the dining room chandelier all gussied up for the holidays.  it used to be a sort of green color... but earlier this year, my client took it down and i painted it brown with some gold accents. of course i dont have photos of the process....but we are very happy with the outcome.

that about wraps it up for the holiday decorating....until next year! now its time to relax and enjoy the season. happy holidays to you and yours!


holidays at our house

we decorate for both hannukah and christmas at our house. last night was the first night of hannukah and it did not disappoint! the kids were so excited and i made my yearly latkes (although they turned out looking green? they tasted good:)) and my in-laws were here for dinner.  here is a photo of the little center piece i threw togehter...and notice the tablecloth is the one i made for my business event:)

my favorite part of the night was this card that ava made for ethan

let me translate "ethan you are the best brother i could ever have". this seriously brought tears to my eyes...i am a total sap! i had no idea she made it and gave it to him with a handmade snail she had made! anyhoo, a good time was had by all!

here she is finishing up the gift with a big hug:)

we rarely take photos of the four of us so i had to share a decent one!

here are more photos of some decorations around the house. first up...the front door....

some little details from inside...

here is our tree...the kids did most of the decorating this year...and i sort of love it!

so there you have it! i will post another clients home that i decorated in the next couple of days. thanks for stopping by!



holiday decorating in northern virginia- part 1 has been way too long since i posted. i have a good excuse though....i have been playing santas little helper! some of my clients hire me to decorate their homes for christmas and i love doing it. it is a nice change of pace from my normal day to day as a designer and the best part is the instant gratification:)

i have so many photos, so i thought i would break it into a few parts. then hopefully i will show you some of my own house later in the week!

so without further are the photos from one of my amazing clients. we have been working together on and off for over 10 years!! i think this is the 5th or 6th time i have done christmas for her and her lovely family. the best part....she always makes sure i am well fed while i am slinging garland... and this year she sent me home with two dinners...woohoo!

here is the outside....

the foyer (yikes sorry about the shadowy picture...but hopefully you can still see how pretty it is)

here is a closeup of the railing detail....

another small foyer detail...

here are some shots of the dining room...

i had to put this shot in as is another wreath in the kitchen. we were calling it the year of the pregnant wreaths:) these were honestly the fattest boxwood wreaths i have ever seen...the stick out about 12" from the wall....

i hope you enjoyed and are having a nice holiday season!  i will be sure to share more in the next couple of days.


before & after laundry room

who doesnt love a good before and after? i thought i would share a project that is finally finished in our house. it all started way back in june. we purchased some cabinets for our laundry room from a habitat for humanity re-store (i love scouring these places for some good finds). i think we got 6 cabinets for $60! even though they had about an inch of grease on them and were yucky wood....i knew they would clean up well:)  of course i forgot to take photos of them before....but you will see the a minute.

we originally had wire shelving in the laundry room that came with the house. as i am sure many of you know...wire shelving is the pits!  everything falls over, a total mess. of course i dont have before photos of these either! what i do have is this before/during photo of the laundry room...

this is after sanding, priming and painting the cabinets (i was still working on the doors). if you look really close...under one of the left cabinets you can see a hole? that was our first set back. when kevin put them up, he had a nailer below to keep them all level...when he took the nailer off...a nice chunk of the wall came with it! week this summer when kevin was travelling for work...i decided i was going to really finish this laundry room. and i did...or so i thought. until i discovered about 3 weeks after finishing that kevin had (accidentally) screwed into a pipe when putting up the cabinets!  ( and learn) it had been slowly leaking behind one of the cabinets for about 2 months. so down came one of the cabinets... the pipe got drywall went in....and the cabinet back up. and that brings us to october:)  but as most DIY projects go in our house....5 months is about right!

now that you are all caught up and on the edge of your seats! here is the after...

ahh...much better dont you think? here is another before and after of the other side of the room...

this little power house laundry room doubles as a mudroom:) here are more details....i added some lucite knobs to the cabinet doors. my sister-in-law gave me the idea of adding the fabric behind the washer and dryer to cover up all of the plugs and wires...thanks Liz!

i have a bunch of these old gas station pricing numbers. i decided to put the year we got married up...

i am noticing a definite pattern with me lately...i like painting on burlap!  i love the way this sink skirt turned out!

oh and this chandelier was from one of my clients who didnt want it for her daughters was white so i gave it a little face lift with dark gray paint...and accented with gold.

last but not least here is the valance i made out of a ticking stripe. i cannot sew...but i can work miracles with stitch witchery!

i hope you enjoyed this little tour. i love my laundry room now:) it was worth all of the effort. unfortunately it hasnt helped me do the laundry and better or faster:(

i have been getting a lot done on my house list lately. stay tuned for photos of my kids bedrooms....



i love thanksgiving...its like the calm before the storm.....

my favorite part is that i never have to in-laws do it all:)  i get to sit back and be thankful for this....

relax and enjoy your turkey day! take a moment to be thankful for all you have and then stuff yourself silly! (all images above are from pinterest)


business boost

this is where i was this past weekend....standing in front of this table...promoting my business!

i had the opportunity to participate in an event at a local nursery. a great time was had by all and i met some really nice people. this event was a way for me to get my name out there locally. we used to live in another suburb of DC and that is where most of my clients are (over 45 min away) so i spend a lot of time in my car.

this was also just the push i needed to get some good photos and a portfolio together. its still not perfect, but a lot better than what i had before...nothing! i am the worst at taking photos of my work.

i was very happy with the way my table turned out, thanks to many suggestions from family and friends. it was kevins genius idea to stencil my name across the front...there was no question about who i was or what i was there to talk about! do you recognize that stencil? its the same one i used on my window treatments in a lighter gray version. i loved it so much i decided to use it again.

i love to meet new people and i love to this was my kind of marketing. i am really hoping to get the opportunity to work with some of the people i met!


DIY panels

remember the burlap panels my mom sewed way back in august? well i finally got around to stenciling some of them and i am so happy with the way they turned out! i have painted freehand on burlap in the past...but i have never used a stencil. it was pretty easy...just a lot of measuring on the first one. once i got going it only took me about and hour to do each one.

here they are hanging in our dining room. of course when i look at this just reminds me of how badly i want to get new chairs. (and that my topiary  might not make it through the winter:))

i had to add this one of my faithful assistant....always ready for a beauty shot:)

now i just need to make time to finish the other ones....


client bedroom update

i blogged about this bedroom over the summer. we are still not totally finished.... i want to add some yummy throws and more tchatchkas (i like to use this word for accessories:)). but i decided to go ahead and get some better photos of it. i am no professional photographer as i have said before, but i think you can get a better feel of how the room is turning out.

here is a before photo...

 and here is the after....

it looks pretty doesnt it? there are still no photos in the frames above the chairs....but there will be soon! as i explained before, my client wanted a very warm and neutral palette with a little bit of shimmer. she wanted to use her existing furniture, so we mostly just added soft furnishings. we did order one custom entertainment piece for the room, but i didnt get a good photo of it this time. we also decided to layer a rug on top of the carpet...which i think works very well sometimes. in this instance it really helped define the  two areas of the bedroom.

i took a lot more photos! so of course i am going to show them. this way you can see more of the details in the room.....

thanks for letting me share! i love when a project is almost complete...and everyone is happy. i am off today to finish up the nursery i have been working on. i will be sure to share more on that too.