client bedroom update

i blogged about this bedroom over the summer. we are still not totally finished.... i want to add some yummy throws and more tchatchkas (i like to use this word for accessories:)). but i decided to go ahead and get some better photos of it. i am no professional photographer as i have said before, but i think you can get a better feel of how the room is turning out.

here is a before photo...

 and here is the after....

it looks pretty doesnt it? there are still no photos in the frames above the chairs....but there will be soon! as i explained before, my client wanted a very warm and neutral palette with a little bit of shimmer. she wanted to use her existing furniture, so we mostly just added soft furnishings. we did order one custom entertainment piece for the room, but i didnt get a good photo of it this time. we also decided to layer a rug on top of the carpet...which i think works very well sometimes. in this instance it really helped define the  two areas of the bedroom.

i took a lot more photos! so of course i am going to show them. this way you can see more of the details in the room.....

thanks for letting me share! i love when a project is almost complete...and everyone is happy. i am off today to finish up the nursery i have been working on. i will be sure to share more on that too.


goosebumps (3)

i know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the third installment of this series:) so here you go! i mentioned suzanne kasler in an earlier post when i was talking about ballard designs. she is a designer that i absolutely love. i spent some time recently looking through her work. she has an amazing sense of style and proportion, right down the the last detail. all of suzanne's interiors are so refreshing. i selected a few (well, many) of my favorites.....enjoy.

if you have time...take a moment to look through the rest of her portfolio. you won't be disappointed. i love looking a other designers work for inspiration!


fun rides and fall

i love this time of year. it is by far my favorite season. this past weekend it was beautiful here in northern virginia. i was supposed to be shenandoah national park...enjoying the weather and the leaves changing.

but i got out voted and ended up here instead...

yes...that is me huddled over in the back while everyone else is having a blast! i hate (strong word, but needed here) roller coasters and most rides in general. that is why our friend tim is in the middle....he was my proxy for the day:) except for this ride...they made me do it. tim took video of the whole thing...while i was screaming at the highest pitch imaginable. oh, and did i mention this was a roller coaster in the kidzville part of the park? oh well....everyone got a good laugh...including me when it was over.

back to something i do enjoy....decorating for halloween. here are some pictures of some of my favorites around our house....

i hope you all are enjoying your fall!


nursery time

here is a sneak peek of a nursery i have been working on. it has been so much fun...especially because it is for some very good friends of our family! they decided not to find out the sex of the baby, so we had to go with a gender neutral design.  after some back and forth, we came up with black and white, with a little splash of orange and blue. it is hard to tell from this picture...but these are some things we are using in the room.

here is a photo of the actual room with the crib and new rug (that my client searched high and low for:)).  you can see the pretty blue we chose for the walls....and the window treatments draped over the crib railing....and yes, we are changing the blinds!

here is a closeup of the fabric we are using for a small pouf in the room.  the baby's grandma is busy making it! isnt it adorable...not completely in keeping with the black and white theme...but it totally works.

we have been working hard on all of the little details to finish this up. the baby is coming any day and we are all so excited! i had to add this last photo of the new parents to be. (hopefully they wont mind) this is hanging in their foyer, its from their wedding day.  i absolutely love it! actually, as i am typing this, i am realizing that this might just work perfectly in the nursery!

on a side note... i decided i am going to stop saying when and how many times i am going to post! i am just going to do it when and if i can:)