the evolution of our deck

remember how i referenced our deck in a previous post? well i thought i would walk you through the process of how we went from no a big brown a nice creamy white deck!

when we purchased our home, our "deck" looked like this...

it really couldn't be called a deck at this point. it was more like a small wooden structure too small to even rest a chair on!

my husband came up with the brilliant idea of moving the stairs to face the back yard and extending the existing structure, instead of just doing a lower deck or patio. this allowed us to have a much larger and seamless, outdoor living space. we had it done last spring and we were so happy. until......we made a HUGE mistake with the stain. we new it was bad, but just kept on staining (more like painting because it was and opaque stain. we learned a big lesson on paying more attention to the transparency when purchasing a custom stain color) i said we started and just kept on going, telling ourselves we liked it. (let me stop here and explain that it was really me who stained the who entire thing...because kevin had just had back surgery!) so we lived with it like that for the fall and winter.

when spring came kevin announced that he seriously could not live with the dark brown stain another minute and that he wanted it white. i promptly responded NO WAY (to the white and/or re-doing it all ). but my husband is very persuasive. so basically i said ok....but you are painting it! he then went out and bought a paint sprayer (and i am thinking...why didn't we buy that lat summer?!?).  i picked a nice white which you will see in the picture below (along with the dark brown), but it was too white...almost gray.

so back to lowes i went and begged the nice young man at the paint counter to try to alter it. he tried and got so fed up that he ended up mixing me a whole new batch in the color i wanted:)  this is what we ended up with ...and we are both so happy!

it looks so fresh and happy! it honestly made the inside of the house brighter as well....

 it so warm and cozy out there now. thanks to the umbrella we got from my in-laws and a rug. there is still a lot to do...more touch up, finding the right greens to climb the lattice and adding a feature wall. all in good time. i dont think we ever thought we would have a painted deck. we like more of a natural wood look, but this will have to do for now. like i have said before...."in our next house..."



MMS said...

"in our next house" next to the Stephens' house! :) Love the deck!

Jodie Okun Interiors said...

would'nt that be fun!! thanks for the love:)

Jill billings said...

Love your blog! Fabulous! U should check out birds of a feather blog.

themouse said...

Hi Jodie, I'm your Mom's oldest friend [we met when we were 2]and she turned me on to your site. I love it!!!! and can't wait to forward to my family and friends. I too love orange. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing. Judy

Jodie Okun Interiors said... two do go way back! thank you so much for reading...and commenting! yes...please share!