purple and gray

hello! i am well aware that it has been over 20 days since my last blog...shame on me. my excuse is that my blog is "broken". you cant tell by looking at it...but it is not working right behind the scenes and i am soooo irritated! trying to figure out a problem with blogger is next to impossible. you cant just call google and get someone on the phone. however, i can still post...but i have been so frustrated with the rest of it i havent even done that!  sooo...here is me getting over it for now.... to talk about a color combination i dont normally use...purple and gray.

i am working with a client who absolutely loves purple (not barney purple as she always tells me). originally she wanted to do a gray and turquoise color combo...but we couldnt seem to come to an agreement on the color turquoise she was going for. so about month in...we switched it up to purple and gray. i have been thoroughly enjoying myself through this process. we are working on the entire downstairs of her new house and using many variations of this color combo. i am quite pleased with how it is coming along ...and i think my client is as well. she is the funniest woman i think i have ever met!

here are some inspiration photos (all from pinterest) that i have been using to get me in the mood...

all of these photos have some beautiful elements using purple and gray. you dont have to love the whole room to appreciate the nice use of this color combo.

here is a photo of some of the fabrics we are using in the sun room and family room area

these are just the basic fabrics...we will be adding some fun pillows as well!

here is the wallpaper we will be using in the living room/dining room...as well as some of the fabrics from in there.

this wallpaper is sooo pretty with a little sheen to it (my client looooves shiny things...i have had to reign her in or i am pretty sure her entire house would be furnished with mirrored furniture:)). it looks very brown in this photo...but paired with the deep purple paint we are using....its beautiful.

of course....famous last words...i will take photos when we are finished!  this has been a fun experience...because it is taking me out of my comfort zone. it is always good to challenge yourself in  design!

what about you? have you challenged yourself with any color combinations lately?:)



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Louis Garnder said...

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Shiela Thompson said...

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