goosebumps (6)

yes...the goosebumps series continues! if you are not familiar with this series, you can read about it here.

i know i have said this about suzanne kasler before....and i will say it again...i love her designs. the latest one that i am loving is an open air home she decorated in kenya. this mini compound was featured in the october (i think) issue of house beautiful. it gives a whole new meaning to bringing the outside is basically all open and so well designed. this home is a wonderful example of how to decorate while considering your surroundings. suzanne uses the perfect color palette and furnishings to blend in with the outside...without getting theme-y (like using all things african!)

 i liked it so much i thought i would share...for those of  you who missed it. enjoy!!

that bathroom is so pretty...and the shower...forget about it!


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The Nest Egg said...

That outside shower is a dream! Loved it as well