hello yellow

i feel yellow creeping back into my life lately.

this is not  me... just a picture i found on pinterest:)  in our first house we had a yellow kitchen for 6 years and then for 4 years in italy our entire downstairs was yellow. so after 10 years i was downright sick of the color. when we moved into our current house i didnt want ANY yellow. not even any paint with yellow undertones.  the paint colors i chose for most of our main floor all have gray undertones. the last piece of the puzzle was to paint the foyer. and what do you know.... i chose a sherwinn williams color called "sand".  guess what...it has yellow undertones! so as i was painting this past weekend, i got to thinking about how i started to warm up to yellow again.

(just another pretty pic from pinterest)

i think it started a few months ago, when i was convincing  my daughter to paint her room yellow. i tried to explain that it would be a perfect back drop to add pink accents...instead of painting it pink. this is not an easy task with a 6 year old!  i think i sealed the deal when i told her that i had a yellow room when i was younger (with a poster of a kitten in a wine glass over my bed?). so yellow it is for ava. (its another SW color called "glad yellow")

then i saw this post on little green notebook about a yellow door on jennys girls bedroom. it looks amazing! and then this happened out in front of our house...

the road crew came around last week and changed all the fire hydrants to this color! (they were more orangey gold before).

the list goes on....yesterday i woke up to ann curry in a bright yellow dress on the today show (sorry cant find a photo). and in crate and barrel i saw this diplay...

so all of this brings me to the age old question: "which came first....the trend or me liking it?".  i am pretty sure it is the trend. but it happens so organically it is hard to notice!  what about you....do you feel any colors creeping back into your life?



Deborah said...

...oh, how I remember your yellow bedroom and the swinging wicker chair in the corner!!!!! There's something about yellow that puts a smile on your face and things feel fresh.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah HALL said...

Well.... wondering why you were in Virginia Beach and did not even mention yellow while you were at our house.....okay, so we get it, we are outdated...just had another flood, so now know we should add some yellow!!! Thanks to Hurricane Irene, we will be updated [and thanks, I just painted the cabana blue after 15 years of yellow!! haha, before the times} By the way, will figure out how to post the blue color [sherwin williams marine blue that is awesome inside and out].

that is it, good job!!